Meghan Markle Necklace 

We all know about the initial necklace that made a royal stir up back in 2016 worn by Meghan Markle in the early days of dating Prince Harry. 

The Meghan Markle Necklace Effect

The dainty 14k gold necklace was adorned with two letters “H” and “M”. The sweet and subtle show of affection caught the world’s eye that the jewellery piece was even dubbed to have the “Meghan Markle effect”. The jewellers who made it said in an interview that just after seeing the posts online, their website crashed twice because of the surge of orders.

Even then, initial necklaces have been a part of every women’s jewellery collection. The hype that the Meghan Markle effect just only brought it out more often.

Where can I get this necklace?

We have similar initial necklaces that match the style of Meghan Markle’s necklace in our collections. Find out about this and more styles at our online jewellery shop to find the piece that suits your personality.

sideways initial necklace