Master Layering Necklaces 

By today you may have mastered “the new normal look” for online meetings, classes, and even virtual parties. But, have you also mastered layering necklaces?

Layering necklaces may seem easy, but the truth is, it’s actually an artform that needs mastery and patience. Knowing which necklaces to layer is crucial to nailing your overall look like your favourite celeb!

So here’s a couple of tips on how to effortlessly work on layering necklaces like a pro!

Layer it by Length

Avoiding neck messes are tricky, sometimes when layering necklaces you might get tangled. So we advise to start layering by length. Start with the shortest to the longest to get the quintessential layered look. Also take into consideration the chunkiness and texture of your necklaces. About two to four is the perfect layered necklace.

Pre-Layered Necklaces are Preferred

The abovementioned tip is great, but if you want to save time and avoid the mess, pre-layered necklaces are the one for you. Layered necklace sets are pre-stacked which costs since you’re not paying individual prices. Stylish and economical!

Pair Up with your BFFs

Since we all cannot hangout with our BFFs all the time, having something together is not only cute but also strengthens your bond since you’ll still have a piece of each other always. So call up your BFF and get your own layering necklace today!

Where Can I Get These?

Now that you know all about customizing and wearing your layering necklace, let’s take a look at some of our current favorite pieces in Jewels Edition!

Our jewellery collection includes most trending pieces like sterling silver pieces, gold necklaces, initial necklaces, statement and hoop earrings, and more.